The Endgame of Web3 Gaming


Exploding Spaceships, Pandemics, & $10k Girlfriends

The Battle of B-R5RB

When the Clusterf**k Coalition and their Russian allies warped into the B-R5RB system after the Pandemic Legion/N3 alliance let their guard slip, they weren’t playing with just table stakes. The year may have been 2014, but they were about to party like it’s 3099. The ensuing EVE Online battle lasted over 21 hours, saw over 7,500 player participants in combat, and racked up the dubious honor of being the most destructive virtual battle of all time, with a total of nearly $330,000 in real cash losses due to casualties on both sides after over ten thousand in-game ships were obliterated.

Corrupted Blood

World of Warcraft (WoW), as our second harbinger of web3 gaming, needs no introduction in the MMO halls of fame. It’s been the butt of jokes for decades, and we’ve all seen the legendary South Park episode. But in 2005, a certain viral explosion caught the eye of the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and would ultimately provide a loose modeling basis for understanding human behavior during the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Girlfriends, Gold, and Hiscores

“Buying gf, 10k gp” is a jarring thing to see if you’ve never played the two-decades old MMO classic Runescape. But in massively multiplayer online games, it’s common (some may even argue, mandatory) for adventurous players to collect resources just to return to social hubs and “flex” on others.

Web3 Gaming is Down, But Not Out

MMOs captured the imagination of two generations of gamers, despite the fact that MMOs we’ve seen in web2 to-date have been the earliest iterations of what is obviously a colossal story arc still playing out in realtime. Category-defining games that manage to stick the grisly landing of launching a comprehensive MMO in a web3 context will have the opportunity to set the course for the next two generations of adventurers, with substantial upside.



Investing in & building new worlds. Views mine, not advice. Partner @HivemindCap, chief tinkerer @xPlaygroundLabs.

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Sam Peurifoy

Sam Peurifoy


Investing in & building new worlds. Views mine, not advice. Partner @HivemindCap, chief tinkerer @xPlaygroundLabs.